What is Ad-Manager?

Ad-Manager is a online banner management software in PHP. It is the most complete, robust and easy to use Web based ad tracking software, specially designed for webmasters who need a fast, scalable, reliable and flexible Ad management software in PHP. It offers Web based ad tracking and advanced reporting options.

Developed using PHP Script, the Ad-Manager is a powerful advertisement management system for managing your ads. It comes packed with every feature you need for online advertising.

The Ad-manager has the following three components:-

1) Ad Space

This is the basic unit for Ad-Manager. An Ad Space is a space in a page. So suppose there is a page called "index.php" and it has two spaces for the presence of an advertisement. Then these two spaces will be denoted by two basic separate units called "Ad Space". Both these Ad Space units are separate though they are on the same page.

An Ad Space has two parameters associated with it. They are "views" and "clicks". A "view" is how many times the Ad Space has been viewed and a "click" is how many times an ad has been clicked.

If a particular Ad Space has multiple ads then in the basic Package, for the sake of simplicity, we have kept "random listing" as the default option. There may be many more options and it will be done under customization based on the client requirement.

2) Package

A Package is a collection of Ad Space, with two parameters - cost and the time of expiration of the Package. So once an advertiser buys a Package, he is actually buying an Ad Space which is listed in that Package for a particular price and for a particular tenure.

A Package may expire based on the following two conditions:- (1) the Ad Space in the Package have been exhausted based on the "views" and "clicks" associated with it, or (2) the expiration date has been reached. Once a Package has expired, then the advertiser will need to renew the Package by sending in a request to the master admin (please refer to User levels below).

3) User levels

There are basically two types of user levels. One is the "master admin" in whose site the advertisement has been listed. He controls the creation of Ad Space and the Packages and also creates the advertisers.

The next user is the "advertiser" who shall buy a Package (there may also be free Packages if the master admin decides so) and list his ads. The advertiser will have various reports (on customization) and the advertiser will have to renew his membership with the master admin.


Real-Time Statistics
Track and rotate banner ads
Free Upgrades for LIFE
No Hidden Fees - EVER
Free Technical Support
Save Your Server Resources and Expensive Bandwidth
Unlimited number of places where you can put ads for a particular domain



$1.00 USD Per Month Only

Custom Banner sizes
Real time statistics
Technical support
Unlimited places of ad
3 advertiser accounts per domain
5 MB File Upload Space Limited


$3.00 USD Per Month Only

Custom Banner sizes
Real time statistics
Technical support
Installation support
Unlimited places of ad
Customised Branding
Unlimited Advertiser account creation
Free Upgrades for life
10 MB File Upload Space

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